80 To Work

MTS Announces New Hire "80 to Work" Skills Training Program

Machining Training Solutions ("MTS") in Longwood, FL, a leader in skills training, is now offering manufacturing companies a new "80 to Work" training program, meaning after just 80 hours a person with little or no skills is ready to go to work and be productive. Upon completion of the fast-track intense training, using MTS Simulation Software, is designed to produce Level "C" machinists who can quickly contribute to production capacity. The training program also provide additional skills training to insure retention and progression in his (her) job classification. At the conclusion of the six month training program, trainees are expected to have the skills of a Level "B" machinist.

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MTS: A Leader In Innovation

In announcing the new "80 to Work" program, MTS's President, Al Stimac, said "with over 600,000 open manufacturing jobs in the United States, a customized skills training program to meet these needs is a major priority. As I travel the country on behalf of the National Association of Manufacturers ("NAM"), the one constant complaint I hear from manufacturing companies is their inability to find qualified workers trained in manufacturing skills. I hope in a small way our new "80 To Work" program can help meet these urgent needs."

Course Offered At MTS Training Center or At Your Business

The "80 to Work" course is offered at MTS's Skills Training Center in Longwood, FL or on-site (5 students minimum) by an MTS instructor using MTS Simulation software and MTS Interactive software. Each student has 24/7 access to the MTS Simulation Software during the entire training program, including the 6 month mentoring period. This access to the MTS simulation software 24/7 on-line will allow students to reinforce their in-class training and improve their CNC skills during the mentoring period.

Followup Mentoring For Six Months

Advanced Manufacturing as its name suggests is a very complex discipline. Not only does our "80 To Work" program get an employee started in their career -- We offer followup training to build more advanced skills at each employer. This customized mentoring program is unmatched by any other education provider. These subsequent trainings can be delivered at our facility or online.

Supported By Local Workforces

The "80 to Work" training program has been supported by local Workforce boards and has qualified for a tuition reimbursement for up to 50% of the training cost. Hoerbiger Corporation of America, Inc. (HCA) in Broward County was one of the first companies to take advantage of a WorkForce One grant and participate in the "80 to Work" training program. As Hannes Hunscholfsky, HCA's Executive Vice President Global Operations said in his press release on the success of the program, "We are now in a position, utilizing this unique training program, to grow our own machinists expeditiously. We were looking for Level A and B machinists and now can grow our own form out Level C machinists."

For information on class schedules and funding opportunities please call (407) 478-6606.